Monday, November 24, 2008

A Quote from Monet

School always appeared to me like prison, and I could never make up my mind to stay there, when the sunshine was inviting, the sea smooth, and when it was such a joy to run about in the free air, or to paddle around in the water. Claude Monet

L'école m'apparaissait toujours comme la prison et je ne pouvais jamais me décider pour rester là, quand le soleil invitait, la mer lisse et quand c'était une telle joie pour courir de dans l'air libre, ou pagayer autour de dans l'eau.

French Class schedule for the rest of the year....

...if everyone agrees, of course! (smile)

1. French this week Nov 25 – I have work meetings in the morning so can we make French class 1pm, followed by Abba singstar for those interested?

2. French Dec 2 – normal time, if okay wth Oivia that is her birthday!!

3. French Dec 9 - am coming home from Japan later that morning so can we move French that week to the Thurs morning, Dec 11. Same time.
4. French Dec 16 – same as usual! Am having Catholic homeschoolers over for a Xmas lunch party at 12 and French class is invited to join us.
5. French Dec 22 – do you want to make this an end of year French class morning tea, with a review of work so far and some French games?
6. When do you want to resume French in the new year? When school resumes or during the January hols?