Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Robertsons

In the absence of any questions, we have made our own - everything you nevver wanted to know about the Robertsons.

How many people in your family?

Combien de personnes y-a-t-il dans votre famille?

There are 7 people - the father, Mike; the mother, Christine; the older daughter, Claire; her husband, Steve; the older son, Tom; the younger daughter, Emily; and the younger son, Nathan

Il y a sept personnes - le pere, Mike; la mere, Christine; la fille ainee, Claire; son mari, Steve; le fils aine, Tom; la fille la plus jeune, Emily; et le fils le plus jeune, Nathan.

What are your favourite places to holiday?

Quelle sont vos places preferees pour les vacances?

Christine prefers the beach or a farm. Nathan prefers Paris or a farm.

Christine prefere la plage ou une ferme. Nathan prefere Paris ou une ferme.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Morrison's réponse

What kind of car do we drive?
Quel type de voiture nous conduire?

We drive a white four wheel drive.
Nous conduisons un blanc à quatre roues motrices.

What is our favourite meal?
Quelle est notre plat préféré?

We enjoy mexican food.
Nous aimons la nourriture mexicaine.

What is the total of all our family's ages together?
Quel est le total de tous les âges de la famille en même temps?

One hundred and thirty six years.
Cent trente-six ans.