Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Robertsons

In the absence of any questions, we have made our own - everything you nevver wanted to know about the Robertsons.

How many people in your family?

Combien de personnes y-a-t-il dans votre famille?

There are 7 people - the father, Mike; the mother, Christine; the older daughter, Claire; her husband, Steve; the older son, Tom; the younger daughter, Emily; and the younger son, Nathan

Il y a sept personnes - le pere, Mike; la mere, Christine; la fille ainee, Claire; son mari, Steve; le fils aine, Tom; la fille la plus jeune, Emily; et le fils le plus jeune, Nathan.

What are your favourite places to holiday?

Quelle sont vos places preferees pour les vacances?

Christine prefers the beach or a farm. Nathan prefers Paris or a farm.

Christine prefere la plage ou une ferme. Nathan prefere Paris ou une ferme.

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Leonie said...

Cool - thanks - prefer is very similar in French and Emglish, isn't it?